Holiday destination around kathmandu valley

Kathmandu Chandragiri Chitlang Hikking

Kathmandu People who have been confined indoors for the last four months have started leaving their homes due to the downfall of five beautiful short-distance destinations from Kathmandu. Many people have mental problems when they have to stay indoors for a long time with the terror of Covid-19.

That is why they have started going out of the house. Despite the government’s announcement that the lockdown is open, the virus is on the rise. In particular, the number of infected people is increasing in the Kathmandu Valley.

In this case, visiting the destination near the valley with the necessary precautions will be an opportunity for them to get rid of such problems. For that, the new magazine has presented some beautiful short distance destinations around Kathmandu, which will also be less expensive.

1.Kathmandu-Chitlang (1 night, 2days)

Chandragiri hills , way to Chitlang

This ‘trek’ is a suitable destination for those who want to leave Kathmandu for one night. Its journey starts from Thankot. From Thankot, one can reach Chitlang by following the road under Chandragiri hill. The two-and-a-half-hour journey also includes sightseeing of other small villages in the vicinity.

Chitlang, an old village of the Newar community, offers beautiful scenery along with the taste of Newari food. There will also be an opportunity to observe ancient archeological objects in Chitlang. The first day’s stay will be in Chitlang. The next morning, after a two-and-a-half hour walk, we reach Kulekhani.

This route is a place where the Village Tourism Promotion Forum (VTPF) emphasizes on homestay and village tourism. Vitof has been promoting homestay and village tourism here for the last five to seven years. There is a good place to eat and stay, ‘says Dhruv Simkhada, president of ViTOF.

We can get adorable scenic view of sheep farming ground, goat farming, old historical village in Chitlang.

2.Kathmandu-Sabrubensi-Gatlang Dhadingbensi

This route from Kathmandu to the remote Ruby Valley village of Dhading is suitable for those who want a long trek. This ‘trek’ is completed in a week.

On the first day, reach Rasuwa’s Sabrubensi by private or public transport from Kathmandu. The first day’s stay will be in Swabrubensi. The journey by car will be eight hours.

The trekking starts from the next day. Gatlang, another village in Rasuwa, is a five-hour walk from Sabrubensi. The second night’s stay is there. Gatlang is the only village inhabited by the Tamang community.

There you can experience the culture and food of the Tamang community. On the third day, you reach Somdang from Gatlang. Somdang is the border of Rasuwa and Dhading. On the fourth day, pass through Pangsang and reach Tipling.

When the weather is clear, the view from there is 270 degrees. The next day forty villages are reached. It takes four hours to reach forty villages from Tipling via Sertung village.

In forty villages, dance can be seen in the Gurung community including Sorathi, Ghatu and Maruni. The next day, one can reach Dundure river by walking from forty villages through Borang and Jharlang.

On the seventh day of the journey, after a journey of three to four hours, one can return to Kathmandu.

“It’s a cultural trail. A lot of cultural things can be observed in this trail, ‘says Kul Bahadur Gurung, a tourism entrepreneur who is also the general secretary of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Along with observing the natural beauty, one can also experience the cultural diversity of Nepal. ‘


This is another short and short trek from Kathmandu Valley. The first day’s journey starts from Kathmandu. Reaching Namobuddha by car from Kathmandu. The journey will take about three hours.

After breakfast there, the trek towards Balthali begins. Balthali can be reached in three hours from Namobuddha. The first day’s stay will be in Balthali. There is also a homestay facility in Balthali. Then the next day’s journey will return to Panauti.

The distance from Balthali to Panauti is seven kilometers. Along with the observation of Newari culture, food can also be enjoyed in Panauti. According to Sarita Lama, general secretary of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), the route offers views of various mountains and mountain ranges from Namobuddha and Balthali. There will also be a religious pilgrimage for non-Buddhists. Apart from that, you can get a panoramic view of the mountains including Gaurishankar from Namobuddha. You can also see other beautiful views from Balthali, ‘she says

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dexamethasone use in treating critically ill COVID-19 patients

An inexpensive and ubiquitous life-saving drug for coronavirus patients has been identified. According to British experts, small doses of dexamethasone steroid have been shown to be effective in treating coronavirus patients.

Dexamethasone is being tested in the world’s largest number of coronaviruses. The use of dexamethasone has been found to reduce coronary infections by one-third in patients on ventilators. Taking oxygen will reduce the risk of death by about 20 percent.

According to experts, dexamethasone could have saved as many as 5,000 lives in the UK if it had been used early in corona infections. Its use in poorer countries is said to be extremely beneficial in patients with Covid-19.

Dexamethasone has been used to cure 19 out of every 20 patients without hospitalization. Most were admitted to the hospital but recovered. But some needed oxygen or mechanical ventilation. The use of dexamethasone has been shown to be extremely useful in high-risk patients.

The drug has previously been used to reduce inflammation. Dexamethasone helps prevent damage to the body’s immune system when it is fighting the coronavirus. The body’s excessive response is called a cytokine storm.

In a trial led by Oxford University, dexamethasone was used in 2,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients. Similarly, 4,000 people were not given the medicine. “Patients on ventilators have been shown to reduce the risk of death by 40 to 28 percent, while those in need of oxygen have reduced the risk of death by 25 to 20 percent.” Professor Peter Horby, the lead researcher, said.

“Dexamethasone is the only drug that can reduce mortality, and it will significantly reduce mortality. This is the biggest success against Corona ever. ” He added. Professor Martin Landrey, who led the research, said every eight patients on a ventilator could be saved.

Dexamethasone has been in use since the 1960's. Dexamethasone is used in asthma, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The medicine is given intravenously to the patient in the ICU. However, the drug can be given as a tablet in low risk patients.
The supply of dexamethasone is limited, as is remedies. And its value is yet to be announced.

REquirments to MAKE quarantine place

What is quarantine?

Quarantine is a place where the person who is supposed to suffer from covid-19 are kept safely to avoid the transmission of this epidemic disease to others. This is done to avoid the affected people to get far from non affected people in a separate.

Duration of quarantine is upto 14 or 17 days. All the people who are supposed to be affected from covid-19 are kept upto 14 days, if the symptoms are not seen uptothese days then they are released from quarantine. If the test PCR test come positive within these days then they are supposed to sit in isolation ward for 14 days again to be recovered.

Requirements to build the qurantine

All the quarntine places shoud be neat and clean.

All the place made for quarantine should be isolate that means these palce should be quite enough.

Toilet used for these people should be different.

There should be one toilet in single room which can be used only by single person.

If one of the qurantine people is affected by this covid-19 and using the common toilet by all these people then there is high chances of transmission of this virus to all people who are in quarantine.

The things used by one cannot be used by others such as towel,cup,brush etc.

These people should be fed with nutritious food and clean drinking water.

  • There shouldbe presence of health workers for caring them with one paramedic doctors.

There should be television and internet service in the quarantine rooms.

Nepal goverment also make some criteria that should be fullfilled to make quarantine rooms

  • One toilet for one person
  • If single toilet cannot be made for single person than least one toilet for 3 person should be made.
  • Fundamentals things like water,electricity should be provied.
  • Should be given nutritious food.
  • Distance between two bed shoud be 3,5 feet far.
  • The bed should be faciliated with mousquito jhool.
  • There should ne one medical officer for 100 people with one lab tecnician if required
  • There shoud be one paramedic doctor with nurse.

less Air pollution due to Corona


Less air pollution is seen due to banned in industrial areas . Due to Lockdown,Himalayan range is seen from Punjab city,India after 30 years which is hundred miles far from the city area.

Due to lockdown all the industries and vehicles had been banned so there is less air pollution which positively affects the environment.

In Nepal due to lockdown roads is being pitched because there is no vehicles running in the main road due to which city area seems to be neat and clean. People can breath fresh air after a long period of time. Less Air pollution is the result of lockdown which make environment clean.

All family members gets opportunity to stay together who are seperated for a long period of time.

All the health workers get awareness to fight against this type of epedemic disease.

They are banged with a knowledge that if this type of edpedemic appears in the future then the decision to be taken must not be delayed(such as buying PPE,Presonel Protection Equipment,seizing the airport in time).

The health workers gets new knowledge and way to treat the infected person because its the new treatment technology to the health workers.

More people get aware that the social distancing is the main precaution that is to be taken to prevent from this epedemic situation which is suggested by WHO.

After doing lockdown, the people cannot go from one city to another so ther is less chance of transmission of this virus.


Due to this epedemic disease local people used different types of pesticides and insectides in their areas due to which it directly affects the ariel and aquatic animals which may have adverse effects on eco-system.

It also adversly affects the health of people.

There is more mortality rate in the whole world. All the people went into depression with a fear that this corona virus would kill them.

Due to lockdown,people cannot go to their hometown so,they have to stay in the house which is in rent.

Due to this the daily basis workers who earn and eat cannot survive in these conditions. They cannot work in this situation and cannot earn, so local goverment issues some food to those type of people.

Free vacant house to use for isolation in Kuleshor and sifal

This is Lal Chandra Gautam  house at Kuleshwor. Link Road. Currently vacant and under renovation and making it ready FOR SALE.
We decided to use it fight against Corona Virus. If anybody Nepalese or Foreigners need a shelter for Isolation we would be happy to offer it for FREE. It has 3 vacant floors with 2 fully furnished bedroom, 2 kitchens and 3 empty bedrooms with 2 living rooms. I know Nepal govt. cant afford to make new hospital overnight so… If Nepal govt. or any non profit making agency want to convert it for temporary hospital I will provide the house FREE. Even we will bear the cost of utilities required there.
We will sell the property only to those who needs the house after Corona Virus free Nepal

Chirag Goyal

This is our vacant house in Sifal, Kathmandu. Looking at a post where a foreigner was looking for a place to stay in isolation in Kathmandu and couldn’t afford a hotel, we’ve decided to give it for people to stay for free for the 14 day quarantine period.

The house has 9 rooms, 3 washrooms, 2 terraces (can be easily converted into rooms) and a huge empty area incase you have tents. It needs a little bit of maintenance as it has been empty for a few months now. We will be getting that done if anybody wants to stay.

We know the government can’t help everyone if the situation gets out of hand, so if the govt or any non profit organisation wants to make it a temporary hospital to fight the situation, we will be providing it for free.

So, any person of any nationality looking for a place to battle #coronavirus can inbox me.

Humanity Still Exists IN this epedemic time of corona virus

In Australia, stores are holding an early shopping for only elder and vulnerable. To ensure they get what thet need before it runs out.

In UK, local groups of people are helping people in isolation get supplies or even walk their pet.

A choir in South Africa is lifting spirits with an important message.

In Switzerland, the president and cabinet are taking a one-month pay cut to show solidarity with workers.

China sent a plane to Italy full of medical equipment and experts doctors.

In France,Fashion giant LVMS is using its perfumes factories to make freehand sanitizer.

Induction stove in Nepal


Induction stove uses an electromagnetic field to heat up a pan while leaving the cooking surface cool to the touch and without heating up the kitchen

Due to CoV-19 or corona virus there seems to be shortage of the LP Gas in the market.Due to this there is more demand of this stoves in the market. Due to this customes goes to food management and business company to buy induction gas stove.

This is good alternative to LP gas so there is great demand of this stype of stove. Company director Mr. Maniraj Khanal daily customer came to the company to buy this type of stove.
Head office ofthis company is in Bhadrakali and sales depart is in Thapathali,Singhadurbar .

Due to the news of corona and lack of Lp Gas more people are interested in induction stove. Company director said more than 20 pices are sold in a day. China goverment provides induction stove at the time of earthquake in Nepal,this stove is used at the time of disasters.

The cost of this stove is four thousand rupee degrading from eleven thousand keeping in mind for the welafare of custome.

Any type of utensild can be used in this stove. Our required waat of electricity can be used from 200 to 600 waat to cook food. The stove has ability to cook food fast as fast as possible increasing the electricity power.

One karai is free in one induction stove. The price of electricity is low than LP Gas so food can be cook in any time with minimum effort.

कोरोनासँग लड्ने क्षमता कसरी बढाउने ?

रोग प्रतिरोधात्मक क्षमता बढाउन निम्न उपाय अबलम्बन गरौँ ।

१. पोषिलो र घरमा बनेको खाने कुरा खाने बानी बसालौं । हरियो सागसब्जी, फलफुल, दुध, गेडागुडी नियमित खाने गरौँ । खानामा जति

बिबिधता भयो, हामी त्यति स्वस्थ हुन्छौं । भिटामिन C, B6, E, Zinc लगायत पोषण पाउने खाना सेवन गरौँ ।

२. नियमित व्यायाम, योग, हाइकिंग गरौँ । खेल खेल्ने बानी बसालौं ।

३. घाममा बसौं ।

४. नियमित अनुलोम / विलोम गरौँ । यसले फोक्सोको कार्यक्षमता वृद्धि गर्दछ ।

५. चुरोट, सुर्ती, अल्कोहलजस्ता हानिकारक पदार्थको सेवन नगरौं ।

६. बिहान / बेलुका नियमित १-१ चम्चा घ्यु खाने गरौँ ।

७. लसुन, प्याज, टिमुर, जिरा, धनिया, अदुवा, बेसार, तील, मरौटि, दालचिनी, खुर्सानी, ल्वांग, सुकमेल, अलैंची, जाइफल, कागती, ज्वानोजस्ता मसला राखेको खाना खाने गरौँ ।

८. भिटामिन सि पर्याप्त हुने कागती, अमला, सुन्तला, जुनारजस्ता फलको नियमित सेवन गरौँ ।

९. पर्याप्त मात्रामा सुतौं ।

१०. पानी, फ्रेस जुस, मही, दही, दाल, सुप, रसिला फलफुल नियमित खाएर शरीरलाई नियमित सिंचाई गरौँ ।

११. मह, लसुन, बेसार, अदुवा, कुरिलो, गुर्जो नियमित सेवन गरौँ ।

१२. दिल खोलेर हाँस्ने गरौँ ।

१३. नियमित चिया र कफी ( दुध \ चिनी नहालेको ) सेवन गरौँ ।

१४. ब्रोकाउली तथा च्याउको नियमित सेवन गरौँ ।

१५ . सरसफाइमा अल्छी नगरौं ।

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Prevention exercise for the corona virus is better than cure

Prevention exercise for the corona virus

Prevention exercise for the corona virus is better than cure because there is no any virus developed till date. So, following prevention strategies can be appiled to be far from the corona virus.


The virus has size of 400-500 micro . So any of the mask can prevent it from entering inside body so there is no need to exploits pharmacists to trade with muzzels.


Corona virus mainly settles in the ground not in air so there is less chances of transmission by air.

2019 n-COv when falls on metal surface can be alive for twelve hours so we should wash our hand with soap and water for 20 seconds.

As long as we wash our hands for longer period and for time to time we can be safe.

The virus stays for nine hours when it get contact within our clothes so washing our clothes and staying in sun can prevent it from transmitting.

The virus can lives in hands atleast for ten minutes so washing hands with soap and water can prevent it form transmitting.

Better using alcohol sanitizer because alcohol can kills such viruses.


The virus cannot exists in hot tempreature of 25-30 degree celsius so exposing to sun for long period of time can prevent from infection. Also drinking plenty of hot water helps to makes us far from infection.

This virus is actually exists in cold body temperature so we should make our body temperature warm as possible as we can. Consuming ice cream and cold drinks should be avoided.

Mainly this virus attacks lungs which gets path from the tonsils. Tonsils helps to trap bacteria and virus which we breath in.

Proteins call antibodies by the immune cells in the tonsils helps to kills these viruses and bacteria which prevents from throat and lungs infection.

So, gargaling our mouth with warm water and salt also can help us from preventing this corona virus.

Prevention exercise for the corona virus is only the way to get rid of this epedemic because non of the antivirus has been built till date.

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CORONA VIRUS को प्रभाव, बुकिङ रद्द गर्दै पर्यटक

What is corona virus

Manged quarantine for Neplease

At the leadership of Dr Nabin Phuyal and his team all the Neplese from China are Kept in quarantine at Kharipati,Bhaktapur,Changunarayan Municipality. According to the team body temprature are measured for all and their blood samples are taken for the furthur clinical test.

All the patient are kept for 14 days at first stage who are not supposed to meet their parents and relatives. All the fooding and lodging facility are provided by the goverment himself along with 24 hours clinical support. Eighty six health workers are given special training for the supervision of the patient.

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