Highly effective ON page seo technique for bloggers


1.What Is On Page Seo?

On Page Seo is the methods and tactics to be implemented within the site. It helps to rank our content in the search engine result page

We should use short paragraph. Make post url short and include your focus keyword in your url slug.

Frontload focus keyword in first paragraph within 50 words and in last paragraph also. We should use 0.5 % focus keyword of total content into our post. Use LSI keyword upto 0.2 to 0.5% of total content.

Use focus keyword in one or sub headings also. Also try to use all keywords in Meta description.Use at least 1500 words content. Try to use short paragraph. Use H1 for title and h2 to h4 for sub title.

We should use social shares button such as facebook,linkedin,pinterest,wechat,skype,twitter for more social engaement and drive the social traffic from them too.

Highlight important words or phrase to attract the audience engagement putting their curiousness to view that linked words in new tab which helps to increase the emgaement time.

2.On page seo technique:

These are the pre-requisite to be considered so that our page gets ranked in google.

Make keyword optimised title:

The title should be user friendly and google friendly in nature.

Title tags  are HTML elements we should use to designate the name of a webpage. It is displayed on SERP(Search engine result page) . Each title tag should be unique and descriptive about what the page is related to.

Title length should be 55-65 character. If we use upto this character then the title will not be truncated otherwise the title will be dissapear that may not be search engine (google)friendly.

Focus keyword should appear in between 50 words of first paragraph


In above example the title length is exactly 56 charcter which seems good enough that makes its google friendly title. This charcter can be counter in wordcounter website.

Long Title

In above example the title contain 83 character which is more than recomended so the title gets truncated and replaced by 3 dots(…) which seems somewhat not google friendly.

The title should contain the main focus keyword in it. For example: If my focus keyword is laptop then the title must be like ( cheap laptop in 2020 ) .

Here i have include the focus keyword laptop in my title. This inclusion of focus keyword on title makes the google friendly title.

Use of Focus keyword in title

Use of power word: Use the word which make our title powerful .(free.best,top.off,afraidness,dicount,stylish,latest,luxary,budgeted),untold myth,thrilling,untouched,unavaled,

wiped off lantang valley trek after earthquake  revived with nacromancy
,new trial,echo tour in everest,why are sherpa helpfull in expedition=>

Use of 5 WH  question : Use how to,which,what, where,when in title.

Use of number in title: We should use number in the title if possible. Current year should be always updated .

Headings must be in H1 format for the best outcomes. It must focus on relevancy and descriptive words. We should not repeat focus keywords throughout our post which will results to keyword stuffing.

For the distribution of content h2 tags and others should be used.

Url slug is needed when google determine how relevant a page is compared to a query which must be descriptive of the page content. We must optimize URLs with focus keywords to make relevant url slug.

For example https://www.techradar.com/news/best-seo-tool is better tah https://www.techradar.com/news/123.html

In first url the the focus keyword is best seo tool which is relevent to it description but the second one is not relevent to its page description.

Meta description are short but conclutive descriptions that summarize whole content. The meta description lies below the title and the URL. It is kept 150 characters in general.

Sluf Url

Image Optimization:

Images should be made originally but if copied image are used then it should be renamed according to the keyword we used. Image compression plugins should be used to compress large sized images.

In images alt tags(alternative tags) should be used. Along with alt tags title, caption, descroption of the images also be provided so that google bots get your site following the images information.

Give external links to high authority sites:

External links or outbound links are considered as relevent signals to search engine that determine the content topic.

You should give external links to your relevent sites only. For example if our site is health related website than we have to give link to only health website.

More use of externals links can distract user from our site which will decrease the dwell time and increace the bounce rate of our site.

So if we use more external links in our post then search engine will thinks as spam like as of selling links. And set external links to be open in new tab.

Use of internal/inbound links:

Internal links are very important to make audience spend more time and engaged in our website which helps to decrease the bounce rate.

If we give internal link in certain post then audience will also clik to that link and visit that page will help in page rank. Set this internal link to be open in new tab.

Only link to the relevent pages so that user can get more information. Use only informative anchor text to link internal pages.

Maintain your website loading speed:

Search engine defines as loading speed as one of the cruicial factor that helps to rank the website. If the loding time of website is more than 5 seconds than google consider it as very critical condition.

Todays in this competative world, no people are free so, all wants their works as fast as possible. So if websites take time to load for the things that they are searching for then people search for next page which increases the bounce rate of our site.

So,loading speed of a website must be less than 4 seconds. Use GTmetrix to analyse the pagespeed insight.

We can decrease the loading time by removing the unwanted plugins.

Upgrade your hosting plan in better place that is fast and reliable.

Pick a better seo frienly responsive light weighted theme.

If image are not optimized then it also takes the loading time so to reduce loading time, all image of our website should be optimised. We can use Wp smush plugins to perform this task.

Disable hot linking to your site.

Minify your html and css code.

Avoid Render-Blocking Resources.

Don’t Flood Readers with Ads

Reduce the number of post in the home page because the website we searched for loads its home page so if home page is heavy then it takes time to load. Make home page light weighted so it can load fast.

Use wp fastest cache to enable the cache in your website so every time the returning user opens your website it will load fast.

Use Gzip compression. GZIP compression improves the download speed of text-based files by reducing their size — not too different from the process of compressing your local files into a zipped folder.

Optimize Your Website Database and user comments.

Mobile friendly pages:

Responsiveness is also one of the ranking factor of google. So our website should be fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Embedding Related videos on your post:

If we post the related video in our post then there will be more engagement time and our page bounce rate will be decreased.

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Techniques To Find Blog Post Ideas

  1. Turn Questions Into Blog Post Ideas Using AnswerThePublic
  2. Turn To The News For Ideas
  3. Find Out Trending Topics on Google
  4. Set Up Google Alerts
  5. Use Google’s Keyword Research Tool
  6. Find How Easy it is To Rank For The Keyword
  7. Use Keyword Revealer
  8. Look For Topic Ideas on Buzzsumo
  9. Use Social Animal
  10. Search For Questions on Quora
  11. Find Even More Questions Using Serpstat
  12. Search Twitter
  13. Search Pinterest
  14. Use The Topic Research Tool By SEMrush
  15. Use Ahrefs Content Explorer
  16. Search For Topics Your Competitors Are Ranking For on Search Engines
  17. Use Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator
  18. Use Tweak Your Biz’s Title Generator
  19. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  20. Use The Blog Post Ideas Generator
  21. Curate More Content About Your Topic Using Feedly
  22. Read Your Blog Comments
  23. Ask Your Email Subscribers
  24. Find Subtopics You Mentioned on Your Blog And Discuss Them Further
  25. Turn Outbound Links Into Articles on Your Blog

nofollow vs dofollow links in seo

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are nothing than a simple links to our website from another website which helps to improve our search engine page ranking through link juice. There are one of the ranking factor for our website to be ranked in google Serach engine ranking page.

Inbound or external links are the links that we mention their url in the text with link in our website. Internal Links are the links that we interlink each page with one another.

For eg: If we have to get backlinks from wikipedia.com then we have to write syntax a below:

<a href=”www.oursitedomainname.com” rel =” do follow”>Visit site</a>

This anchor text (<a>text</a>) helps to get

seo Best techniques to gowith 2020

Title Research
  1. Rank for “Journalist Keywords”
  2. Use Animated Images to Improve Time On Site
  3. Create Content Hubs
  4. Target Comparison Keywords
  5. Use Dynamic Parameters for Pagination
  6. Build Backlinks With Podcasts
  7. Forge a Content Alliance
  8. Maximize SERP Real Estate
  9. Embed Original Images In Your Content
  10. Optimize Your Content For Keyword Relevance
  11. Create a Comments Section On Your Blog
  12. Uncover People Also Ask Keywords
  13. Add “Content Features” To Your Page
  14. Publish Topic + Year Content
  15. Get Backlinks From Unlinked Brand Mentions
  16. Optimize for Google Discover
  17. Find Low-Competition Keywords From Reddit
    Bonus Strategy #1: Visualize Your Sitemap
    Bonus Strategy #2: Find Hidden Terms With Google Keyword Planner

Google seo tools

Does Exact Domain name helps in SEO?

here’s something that you simply might not know. Google’s diversity update in June 2019 gave differing types of web sites more opportunities to rank by limiting the amount of times one domain can appear during a single SERP.

A single website can’t rank quite twice during a SERP. That excludes branded key terms, of course. But this enables smaller sites to possess an opportunity to rank among the large dogs like Amazon, or Microsoft, or whoever else it’s going to be that’s dominating the SERPs.

So, how does one leave there and rank your new site that’s small, really high, at a fast time period?

Well first , you’ll start with exact-match name .

Now tons of individuals say exact-match domain names don’t work also as they wont to , and that is correct, but they still do. Now creating a website that’s a exact match to the service or product you’re selling may be a good way to urge some traction within the SERPs.

This works specifically well for localized keywords and long-tail keywords. It doesn’t work well for head terms. If your site gets a touch traffic, scoring an exact-match name could get you a spot really high within the SERPs.

Gaps.com did a study on exact-match domain names for one-page sites. They tested multiple exact-match domain names and created small sites for those domains. And this is often what they found.

The next thing that you simply can do is build one-on-one engagements with customers.

Where big brands often tend to ignore is little things like personal engagements with their customers. this is often how I compete with really large companies. you will see that I answer comments on NeilPatel.com, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, even Instagram. I’m just about everywhere, why? Because I care about you and that i care about your success.

And, just doing that more personal approach will start gaining you those social signals, which can assist you together with your program rankings.

Next, i would like you to specialise in long-tail keywords.

Focus on the less competitive key terms that big brands typically ignore. that specialize in long-tail keywords may be a good way to seek out high-quality traffic. Since long-tail keywords are typically more specific in nature, scoring them typically generates more leads, more sales, more conversions.

Now, if you are looking for these long-tail keywords, the simplest thanks to find them is you attend Ubersuggest, you type during a keyword that’s a head term, and it will show you within the keyword ides report all the long-tail variations, and even other head term variations of that keyword.

Next, i would like you to make valuable specialty content in your niche.

Did you recognize that Google prefers niche sites over broad sites? Since your site may be a smaller site, you’ll have an entire specialise in your specialty and niche. this may assist you do better than your competition. this enables you to supply more value for your users in your content, which is usually ignored by those larger companies. you’ll become the credible go-to source for love or money in your vertical. Just check out Backlinko.com.

Brian Dean is understood because the link guy within the SEO industry. He’s really gotten niche specific. Sure he does quite that, and he’s smart, and he’s a tremendous guy, I’ve known him for years, but taking that niche was really smart by him.

This allows you to supply more value than any broad site out there, which then, in turn, helps together with your rankings within the end of the day . Next, you would like to form your site mobile-friendly. i can not reiterate this enough.

Google has mobile-first indexing, and over 50% of the searches are now done on mobile devices. So having your site optimized for mobile devices is large . If you are not doing this, you are not getting to had best . So confirm your site’s responsive, and it loads fast.

Seo (Search engine optimization)

What Is Seo?

Seo is a part of digital marketing that helps you to rank your website in your particular keyword in search engine like google getting free organic traffic.

Types of optimization used?

  1. On page optimization: This types of optimization is used within the webpage using the yoast guidelines. It includes title tags, meta tags, site performance, title tags for links, cannonical urls, internal links anchor text, site map,301/404 erros, robot.txts, keyword density,silos( Siloing is a best practice for how a website should be structured. Siloing is the act of dividing a website’s content into different categories and subcategories — groupings known as silos), keyword optimization,image optimization .This fully depends on the page that we are working on.

2.Off page optimization : It includes rss feed submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, article marketing, socail media,press release, forum commenting,blog commenting, forum posting,link building.

Types of SEO used:

1. White hat seo: Keyword research is one of the important part of white hat seo. It is the fisrt work to be completed to start our website. We have to work on a particular niche so that our website can rank in a particular keyword in search engine.

When we have decided to use the particular keyword that we are using to rank for, then that keyword shoud be used effiently in the content. We have to add relevent and fresh content so that the visitors get back to our site time to time.

Fresh content means that content we are posting in our website should not be copied from any other website. Relevance content means there should be connection between one topic in a way that makes it useful to consider the second topic when considering the first. 

Google always search for relevent content for the searcher query so it always focus on the relevency and fresh content so that the searcher can get correct information about their query.

2. Grey hat seo: Grey hat seo is a technique which is riskier than white hat seo but is used within the guidelines of google algorithm. It doesnot penalise the site as black hat.

3. Black hat seo: It is a technique to get the website ranking by violating the google algorithm that can penalize our website. It can get quick results but cannot always rank for more period of time.

It includes:

  • Content Automation
  • Doorway pages
  • Hidden text or links
  • keyword stuffing
  • reporting a competitor(Negative seo)
  • Sneaky redirects
  • cloaking
  • link schemas
  • guest posting network
  • PBN(Private blog network)
  • Link manipulation(Buying links)
  • Article spinning
  • Link farms or link networking
  • rich snippet markup spam
  • automated query to google
  • creating subdomain,pages or domains with duplicate content
  • pages with malicious behavior such as phising and malware.

Learn Youtube seo step by step in 2020 [Youtube SEO]

Title for Youtube seo :

It is one of the important part of Youtube seo. Title should include the tags that we want to use for. We should use capital letter at the starting of the letter. It should be 80-85 letters. Use bracket for keywords that we want to rank for.

2 Meta Description :

It is one of the important part of Youtube Seo. The meta description should be around 100 words. If we describe something about the video then youtube will understant what the video is about which will help to show our video when it is searched for.

3.Thumbnails Color :

It is one of the important part of Youtube Seo. More clickable thumbnails is important because if there is more retention then there is higher chance to get ranking in youtube.

Color to be used in thumbnail is beyond red and white because these are the youtube brand color. So, we should use light weight color such as green,light blue,orange etc.

4.Tags for :

It is one of the important part of Youtube Seo. Tags is most important part of our youtube videos. Youtube gives preference to those videos in related videos in sidebar in accordance to the tags we have searched for. The first tag should be relevent to the title.

When we search for some words than youtube search gives different related tags which should be included in our title because they are the one that viewers search for.
Note: Never use capital letters for tags

For example: If a channel use ‘how to’ tags in all the videos then youtube understant that this tag is from the specific channel which help to upgrade the position in youtube.

The videos will be brought to suggested one which have heavy tags rathers that the videos that has more views.

5.Video length :

It is one of the important part of Youtube Seo. Watch time is very important.If one youtube channel channel make ten 2-2 minute video then we thinks that 10 tags ,10 thumbnails,10 title will be read by youtube.

And if a channel make one fruitful video of ten minute then youtube gives priority to 10 minute video rather than 2-2 minute video because the audience retention is more in long videos.

For example if a channel says i have a video with 10 minute android developement then people cannot get any fruitful information fron such a short length video.

But if a channel says see this video for android learner with 1 hour video then youtube gives priority for long video because second video gives viewers the right information to learn android.

6.Commenting for Youtube seo :

It is one of the important part of Youtube Seo. While making video always give a short introduction about your channel and make people feel comfortable to watch till the end of the video. At the end of the video let the people request to comment on your video .

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Types of keyword That Never Gets sells

There are many keywords such as super keywords , technical jargon , gambling keywords, banking terms,credit cards, paid alone. These are all comparative keywords that more companies are investing hundred and thousand of dollors to go after these keywords.

And If we go after these keywords then we cannot do well and its just wasting our time. If we go with these keywords we cannot generate and sells.

1.Generic Keywords:

Generic Keywords are those keywords in which tracked visitors have no any interest that we offer. For example credit card, if we are going to rank for these type of keywords than we need a lots of traffic and very very tiny percent of those people will convert. It going to cost more time and revenue to rank for those keywords.So its better to go with very specific terms.

2. Industries Specific Keywords:

Technical jargon
technical jargon keyword

We should avoid using keywords with technical jargon. Technical jargon is a set of words and expressions that belongs to a certain field of knowledge and that can’t be understood without special knowledge. Technical jargon is widely used among the professionals, mostly in the technical books and documentation.

We may get some traffic with these keyword buts that doesnot work well.For example schema markup. If we share our content with the word schema markup,people cannot understand the meaning of schema markup so these keywords are worthless.

3. Keywords with Wrong Intend:

If our site get visitors for free seo advice,free fishing tips, free college advice then no one is going to spend much money with you.

4. Keywords that are Out Of Content:

If some one is serching for the keyword best trekking company in nepal and the site has the content about the festivals of Nepal ,then he/she cannot get the exact information about what he.she is searching for.

5. Avoid that are Unrelated Information Intend:

If we want more sells in our business then we should avoid the unrelated information in our content. We should give proper related information only that exactly match our keywords.

6. Avoids keywords that are too Competitive:

We should avoid too competitive keywords because these type of keywords cannot be ranked easily and gets more traffic. For example, where can we buy cheap mobile.This type of keywords are buyer intend keywords so these are too competitive in nature. To look how hard is the related keyword we can use the free seo tool named Ubersuggest which will help to find the keyword difficulty.

7. Focus only on Long Tail Keywords:

If we go with long tail keyword then the traffic volume will go faster.

4 Tips For Better Seo in 2020 for ranking in google SERP


Creating authorized website in a particular niche

Better Seo means better ranking in google SERP . If we have the google friendly title then it is also considered as one of the prominent factor to rank in google first page.

There is saying in the digital marketing that riches in the niches so if we target particular niche and monetize it then we can drive huge amount of traffic in our website by applying above 4 better seo tips.

There is no any website that wrote about all the niches.All websites are specified by some niches.

Hummingbird Google algorithm

According to Hummingbird Google algorithm, the website which is written in general topic covering all that type of websites cannot rank in the google.

And the website which is written in the particular niche that type of website get easily rank in the google search page because the content written in that type of website is specific to particular niche.

If the visitor gets into that type of website and they spends lot time in that site then the google crawler feels that the site is authorized in particular niche.

2. Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

Title Research

Title Research is also very important so we have to conduct title research sitting in the rule of yoast.

Business person pay for google adwords to rack in the google search page.

But for the organic traffic  we have to do seo which helps to rank in google  in particular organic keyword. Watch this link to learn about seo  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApGnYWROsyA&t=74s

3. Quality over quantity:

Web2.0 backlink

Forum backlink

Comment baclink

This used to  work before 5-7 years but now it doesnot. Using this backlinks it doesnot give any benefits and also got the google penalties.



We can by 10,00 backlinks in $10,Buying this is not relevant way to get backlinks. Using this type of baclinks is giving invitation to google  make penalty. 1 quality backlinks is more powerful than 1000-15000 erotic backlinks. It is very sensitive topic.

While making backlinks, if we make simpler mistake then google make penalty to us which is very difficult to recover.

So make sure before making the backlinks make sure to update the knowledge of making the backlinks. Learn how to make a backlinks first with a reliable source and then implement it on your website.

Relevant Quality backlinks

For example: lets assume that we have guitar based website, and make the backlinks of dog training website then google analyse that our backlinks are very irrelevant because there is no any overlap between these to website.

Google thinks that there is no relevancy in these to sites, and google may assumed that the backlinks are purchased one sponsored links.

Releveancy is very important. One relevant backlinks is more important than 1000 non-relevant backlinks. If our website is related to guitar than the backlinks that are coming into our website shouls come from the guitar based website.

So, we have to focus on quality not quantity.

Seo tips

3. Rank your website in no 1 position without backlinks under 5 minutes

Internal linking


Answer to query

Follow all seo fundamentals

On-page seo optimize

  .Length of article 4000 word


Learn Advance seo In EDM

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