Haritalika teej August 21 2020

haritalika teej pashupati

Teej aslo named as “Haritalika Teej” is one of the famou festival celebrated by nepali hindu women in Nepal. It lies in the month of August.

It is celebrated for three days by all the hindu nepali women. Dressed up in red sarres and green bangles neplease wwomen sings and dance in atraditional folks songs.

For Married women it is one of the special day because they get special invitation at their own home to eat a special disc named “Darr”.

They eat special disc made by themselves before one day of teej and keep “Brata” by not eating anything or even not driinking a drop of water for the whhole day.

They celebrate this festival for the health and prosperity of their husband by worshipping lord “Shiva”.

Lord Shiva,Har Har Mahadev

And unmarried women kept this fest with the intention of ggettingg the good and hansome husband as Lord Shiva.

All the women visit Pashupati Temple this day and all age female gathered there and dance and sing traditional songs for the whole day by not even drinking a drop of water.

Teej Festival In Nepal

On the final day of this three day festival Women satisfy seven saints offering them food, money and various offerings.

Nepalese Women at Shiva Temple

To purify their body and soul., all the hindu neplease women takes bath with mud and brush their teeth with Datiwan (a special types of tree brances).

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