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Kathmandu Chandragiri Chitlang Hikking

Kathmandu People who have been confined indoors for the last four months have started leaving their homes due to the downfall of five beautiful short-distance destinations from Kathmandu. Many people have mental problems when they have to stay indoors for a long time with the terror of Covid-19.

That is why they have started going out of the house. Despite the government’s announcement that the lockdown is open, the virus is on the rise. In particular, the number of infected people is increasing in the Kathmandu Valley.

In this case, visiting the destination near the valley with the necessary precautions will be an opportunity for them to get rid of such problems. For that, the new magazine has presented some beautiful short distance destinations around Kathmandu, which will also be less expensive.

1.Kathmandu-Chitlang (1 night, 2days)

Chandragiri hills , way to Chitlang

This ‘trek’ is a suitable destination for those who want to leave Kathmandu for one night. Its journey starts from Thankot. From Thankot, one can reach Chitlang by following the road under Chandragiri hill. The two-and-a-half-hour journey also includes sightseeing of other small villages in the vicinity.

Chitlang, an old village of the Newar community, offers beautiful scenery along with the taste of Newari food. There will also be an opportunity to observe ancient archeological objects in Chitlang. The first day’s stay will be in Chitlang. The next morning, after a two-and-a-half hour walk, we reach Kulekhani.

This route is a place where the Village Tourism Promotion Forum (VTPF) emphasizes on homestay and village tourism. Vitof has been promoting homestay and village tourism here for the last five to seven years. There is a good place to eat and stay, ‘says Dhruv Simkhada, president of ViTOF.

We can get adorable scenic view of sheep farming ground, goat farming, old historical village in Chitlang.

2.Kathmandu-Sabrubensi-Gatlang Dhadingbensi

This route from Kathmandu to the remote Ruby Valley village of Dhading is suitable for those who want a long trek. This ‘trek’ is completed in a week.

On the first day, reach Rasuwa’s Sabrubensi by private or public transport from Kathmandu. The first day’s stay will be in Swabrubensi. The journey by car will be eight hours.

The trekking starts from the next day. Gatlang, another village in Rasuwa, is a five-hour walk from Sabrubensi. The second night’s stay is there. Gatlang is the only village inhabited by the Tamang community.

There you can experience the culture and food of the Tamang community. On the third day, you reach Somdang from Gatlang. Somdang is the border of Rasuwa and Dhading. On the fourth day, pass through Pangsang and reach Tipling.

When the weather is clear, the view from there is 270 degrees. The next day forty villages are reached. It takes four hours to reach forty villages from Tipling via Sertung village.

In forty villages, dance can be seen in the Gurung community including Sorathi, Ghatu and Maruni. The next day, one can reach Dundure river by walking from forty villages through Borang and Jharlang.

On the seventh day of the journey, after a journey of three to four hours, one can return to Kathmandu.

“It’s a cultural trail. A lot of cultural things can be observed in this trail, ‘says Kul Bahadur Gurung, a tourism entrepreneur who is also the general secretary of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Along with observing the natural beauty, one can also experience the cultural diversity of Nepal. ‘


This is another short and short trek from Kathmandu Valley. The first day’s journey starts from Kathmandu. Reaching Namobuddha by car from Kathmandu. The journey will take about three hours.

After breakfast there, the trek towards Balthali begins. Balthali can be reached in three hours from Namobuddha. The first day’s stay will be in Balthali. There is also a homestay facility in Balthali. Then the next day’s journey will return to Panauti.

The distance from Balthali to Panauti is seven kilometers. Along with the observation of Newari culture, food can also be enjoyed in Panauti. According to Sarita Lama, general secretary of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), the route offers views of various mountains and mountain ranges from Namobuddha and Balthali. There will also be a religious pilgrimage for non-Buddhists. Apart from that, you can get a panoramic view of the mountains including Gaurishankar from Namobuddha. You can also see other beautiful views from Balthali, ‘she says

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