less Air pollution due to Corona


Less air pollution is seen due to banned in industrial areas . Due to Lockdown,Himalayan range is seen from Punjab city,India after 30 years which is hundred miles far from the city area.

Due to lockdown all the industries and vehicles had been banned so there is less air pollution which positively affects the environment.

In Nepal due to lockdown roads is being pitched because there is no vehicles running in the main road due to which city area seems to be neat and clean. People can breath fresh air after a long period of time. Less Air pollution is the result of lockdown which make environment clean.

All family members gets opportunity to stay together who are seperated for a long period of time.

All the health workers get awareness to fight against this type of epedemic disease.

They are banged with a knowledge that if this type of edpedemic appears in the future then the decision to be taken must not be delayed(such as buying PPE,Presonel Protection Equipment,seizing the airport in time).

The health workers gets new knowledge and way to treat the infected person because its the new treatment technology to the health workers.

More people get aware that the social distancing is the main precaution that is to be taken to prevent from this epedemic situation which is suggested by WHO.

After doing lockdown, the people cannot go from one city to another so ther is less chance of transmission of this virus.


Due to this epedemic disease local people used different types of pesticides and insectides in their areas due to which it directly affects the ariel and aquatic animals which may have adverse effects on eco-system.

It also adversly affects the health of people.

There is more mortality rate in the whole world. All the people went into depression with a fear that this corona virus would kill them.

Due to lockdown,people cannot go to their hometown so,they have to stay in the house which is in rent.

Due to this the daily basis workers who earn and eat cannot survive in these conditions. They cannot work in this situation and cannot earn, so local goverment issues some food to those type of people.

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