Highly effective ON page seo technique for bloggers


1.What Is On Page Seo?

On Page Seo is the methods and tactics to be implemented within the site. It helps to rank our content in the search engine result page

We should use short paragraph. Make post url short and include your focus keyword in your url slug.

Frontload focus keyword in first paragraph within 50 words and in last paragraph also. We should use 0.5 % focus keyword of total content into our post. Use LSI keyword upto 0.2 to 0.5% of total content.

Use focus keyword in one or sub headings also. Also try to use all keywords in Meta description.Use at least 1500 words content. Try to use short paragraph. Use H1 for title and h2 to h4 for sub title.

We should use social shares button such as facebook,linkedin,pinterest,wechat,skype,twitter for more social engaement and drive the social traffic from them too.

Highlight important words or phrase to attract the audience engagement putting their curiousness to view that linked words in new tab which helps to increase the emgaement time.

2.On page seo technique:

These are the pre-requisite to be considered so that our page gets ranked in google.

Make keyword optimised title:

The title should be user friendly and google friendly in nature.

Title tags  are HTML elements we should use to designate the name of a webpage. It is displayed on SERP(Search engine result page) . Each title tag should be unique and descriptive about what the page is related to.

Title length should be 55-65 character. If we use upto this character then the title will not be truncated otherwise the title will be dissapear that may not be search engine (google)friendly.

Focus keyword should appear in between 50 words of first paragraph


In above example the title length is exactly 56 charcter which seems good enough that makes its google friendly title. This charcter can be counter in wordcounter website.

Long Title

In above example the title contain 83 character which is more than recomended so the title gets truncated and replaced by 3 dots(…) which seems somewhat not google friendly.

The title should contain the main focus keyword in it. For example: If my focus keyword is laptop then the title must be like ( cheap laptop in 2020 ) .

Here i have include the focus keyword laptop in my title. This inclusion of focus keyword on title makes the google friendly title.

Use of Focus keyword in title

Use of power word: Use the word which make our title powerful .(free.best,top.off,afraidness,dicount,stylish,latest,luxary,budgeted),untold myth,thrilling,untouched,unavaled,

wiped off lantang valley trek after earthquake  revived with nacromancy
,new trial,echo tour in everest,why are sherpa helpfull in expedition=>

Use of 5 WH  question : Use how to,which,what, where,when in title.

Use of number in title: We should use number in the title if possible. Current year should be always updated .

Headings must be in H1 format for the best outcomes. It must focus on relevancy and descriptive words. We should not repeat focus keywords throughout our post which will results to keyword stuffing.

For the distribution of content h2 tags and others should be used.

Url slug is needed when google determine how relevant a page is compared to a query which must be descriptive of the page content. We must optimize URLs with focus keywords to make relevant url slug.

For example https://www.techradar.com/news/best-seo-tool is better tah https://www.techradar.com/news/123.html

In first url the the focus keyword is best seo tool which is relevent to it description but the second one is not relevent to its page description.

Meta description are short but conclutive descriptions that summarize whole content. The meta description lies below the title and the URL. It is kept 150 characters in general.

Sluf Url

Image Optimization:

Images should be made originally but if copied image are used then it should be renamed according to the keyword we used. Image compression plugins should be used to compress large sized images.

In images alt tags(alternative tags) should be used. Along with alt tags title, caption, descroption of the images also be provided so that google bots get your site following the images information.

Give external links to high authority sites:

External links or outbound links are considered as relevent signals to search engine that determine the content topic.

You should give external links to your relevent sites only. For example if our site is health related website than we have to give link to only health website.

More use of externals links can distract user from our site which will decrease the dwell time and increace the bounce rate of our site.

So if we use more external links in our post then search engine will thinks as spam like as of selling links. And set external links to be open in new tab.

Use of internal/inbound links:

Internal links are very important to make audience spend more time and engaged in our website which helps to decrease the bounce rate.

If we give internal link in certain post then audience will also clik to that link and visit that page will help in page rank. Set this internal link to be open in new tab.

Only link to the relevent pages so that user can get more information. Use only informative anchor text to link internal pages.

Maintain your website loading speed:

Search engine defines as loading speed as one of the cruicial factor that helps to rank the website. If the loding time of website is more than 5 seconds than google consider it as very critical condition.

Todays in this competative world, no people are free so, all wants their works as fast as possible. So if websites take time to load for the things that they are searching for then people search for next page which increases the bounce rate of our site.

So,loading speed of a website must be less than 4 seconds. Use GTmetrix to analyse the pagespeed insight.

We can decrease the loading time by removing the unwanted plugins.

Upgrade your hosting plan in better place that is fast and reliable.

Pick a better seo frienly responsive light weighted theme.

If image are not optimized then it also takes the loading time so to reduce loading time, all image of our website should be optimised. We can use Wp smush plugins to perform this task.

Disable hot linking to your site.

Minify your html and css code.

Avoid Render-Blocking Resources.

Don’t Flood Readers with Ads

Reduce the number of post in the home page because the website we searched for loads its home page so if home page is heavy then it takes time to load. Make home page light weighted so it can load fast.

Use wp fastest cache to enable the cache in your website so every time the returning user opens your website it will load fast.

Use Gzip compression. GZIP compression improves the download speed of text-based files by reducing their size — not too different from the process of compressing your local files into a zipped folder.

Optimize Your Website Database and user comments.

Mobile friendly pages:

Responsiveness is also one of the ranking factor of google. So our website should be fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Embedding Related videos on your post:

If we post the related video in our post then there will be more engagement time and our page bounce rate will be decreased.

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