Sankhu, aN ancient Trade route to Bhot(Tibet)

Sankhu is a historical city of cultural and natural significance. Without this, voting was once the main route of trade. But now that the Arani Highway has begun, it has become a thing of the past. The only occupation of the people here is limited to agribusiness. The natural conditions here are suitable for agriculture and the soil here has the potential to grow abundantly.

But in the past, farming was the main source of livelihood for the people, but now the business is not sustainable. Moreover, it is considered to be at a sustainable level. Although the social network here is made up of the Newar community, the surrounding areas are inhabited by Tamang and Bahun Chhetris.

Among the heritages here is a very mythical, charming, beautiful temple which is located at the top of the hill. It is considered as an important powerhouse. Its name is Bajrayogini Temple. In this temple area, large sattals are built in the old style. This sattal is used to relax and eat the devotees who come to this temple for worship and darshan.

Recently, picnic spots have been set up in the forest area around the temple. The area also has a significant number of mythical stone fountains, so there is no shortage of drinking water. Despite being such an attractive place, there is not much crowd of picnickers here.
Similarly, Sankhu's fame is also given by the annual Salindi Mela held here. Also known as Swasthani Mela. In this fair which is held in the month of January every year, the devotees sit on the banks of the Salindi for a whole month and worship Madhav Narayan. It has been a tradition for the devotees to eat only one meal a day without salt. During this month, Sankhu is crowded with devotees from all over the country.
There is no shortage of natural beauty in this area. Sankhu is surrounded by forests. Many famous tourist destinations are easily accessible nearby. Natural resources are abundant. There are many rivers here. The rivers here flow into the Bagmati River through the Manhara River.
Despite this, no opportunity has been created here except for agriculture. The residents here are being attracted elsewhere. It is being felt that the number of youths fleeing from here has increased. Many houses have become lifeless. In order to save Sankhu from this situation, it is necessary to create some new opportunities here. Among the many opportunities, tourism business can be a suitable business for Sankhu's background.
Sankhu seems to have been an important tourist destination for a long time. This is confirmed by the fact that this place is listed as an important destination in the list of every tourism entrepreneur. Since our childhood, various travel agencies used to bring tourists from different countries to Sankhu every day to visit Bajrayogini.
At that time, we used to say English bai bai very happily. They used to give sweets, chocolates, different kinds of dot pens etc. so we used to follow them. Thus, no matter how many tourists came to Sankhu, there were no restaurants, lodges for tourists and because of its proximity to Kathmandu, they did not stay here and they did not eat food here.
Due to which, the arrival of tourists to the people of Sankhu is like a crow's nest. Even in almost four or five decades, no structure has been built for tourists here. Due to which the locals have not been able to take any benefit from the tourists. It has been more than three years since the country became a republic. However, there are no plans for tourism development for the people of Sankhu and for the benefit of the people here.
Therefore, it is very important for all the intellectuals of Sankhu and the government bodies to come up with a project that will directly benefit the local people in view of the huge potential for tourism in Sankhu.
As announced by the government a few years ago, preparations for the celebration of the current year 2011 as Nepal Tourism Year have already started across the country. In this connection, in order to make the tourism year 2011 a success, the government has put forward a policy of earning income by providing accommodation to the tourists by arranging accommodation at the village level where there are no hotels or lodges.
According to the Homestay or Housing Program, individual or community initiatives can be arranged to provide services to the tourists by arranging necessary repairs to make the rooms suitable for tourists. According to this program, the service should be provided to the tourists by arranging separate accommodation from 1 to 4 rooms in the house they are using within certain criteria.
In this too we can provide food cooked in our oven. But eating and drinking should be hygienic. Therefore, good care should be taken in cooking. In order to run a home stay by providing these services, it is necessary to monitor and take appropriate recommendation before complying with the criteria. Home stay can be brought into operation only after the tourism board provides the certificate.
It seems that the tourism year 2011 can give us a suitable opportunity to start tourism development in this place. After all, this program can be a boon for most of our residents who are embracing Belo Substance Level agribusiness. In this sense, the populist concept of this program definitely attracts everyone. But for successful implementation, all parties need to be serious about it. As attractive as this is, the implementation side does not look so comfortable in the current situation.
It has been almost two years since the concept of Homestay was introduced and we have heard and read that this program has already started in many places. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. It is still limited to programs and cheap slogans. But co-centric homestays may have benefited from tourists using large hotels to evade high fees.
Therefore, if the concerned body is really aiming to reach out to the rural people, it should be able to seriously present a supportive package. Not to be limited to slogans and populist concepts.
First of all, in order to attract tourists, they should be given the impression that they have the facility to eat and stay in the relevant homestay program. For this, first of all, it is necessary to make good arrangements for the room, kitchen and bathroom according to the general criteria. So you have to make two new beds. In the same way, it can cost more than you think to make a good arrangement of kitchen, toilet and bathroom. To address this, the concerned body should arrange microfinance in the package.
Secondly, special security has to be adopted for tourists. The security provided at the individual level may not be adequate. For that, the concerned agencies have to pay attention to get the support of the local bodies.
It is necessary to set up a free tourist information center for the information of third tourists.
Thus, if the concerned parties are seriously encouraged by giving special package to the concerned parties, a new dimension will be added in this field. Another important thing is the fact that the government has put forward a policy of promoting homestays to accommodate one million tourists who are expected to enter Nepal in the year 2011. In this case, it is the responsibility of the government to make every effort to make the homestay run smoothly.
If it is limited to the concept only, there is a danger of axing the tourism year 2011 itself. Therefore, it is necessary today to provide special incentive scheme to the individuals and groups attracted to the local level as soon as possible for the success of the Nepal Tourism Year.

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