When is fathers day in 2020

happy fathers day

Father's Day
Fathers’s Day

Fathers Day is the day to remember our father for the contribution and sacrification that he has made in our life. Many children send card and gifts to their father as symbol of love and affection towards him. Different type of  gifts include sports items, clothing items ,watches etc.

Fathers day celebration at Nepal:

It is celebrated in Nepal in 19 june 2020 .Neplease are very egorous to celebrate each and every festivals which comes occasionally . There are many tradition to celebrate this day.

If the children are out of home town then just make a call to their father and wish them and if they are at home then they celebrate the occasion organizing the huge blows of parties with their family member.

There is no public holiday for this day. Government of Nepal has cancelled all the holidays that are provided prior in 2018’s public holidays.

Fathers day is also known as Kunse  Aaunsi   in Nepal. It is also known as Gokarna Aaunsi. There is a huge fair in Gokarneshor temple near Bagmati river.

People who have lost their father go to Gokarneshor temple and take holy bath in Bagmati river. In the rememberance of their  deceived father they perform rituls ceremony khown as “Sradhha” in the back of Bagmati river.

All the married daughters go to their home to visit their father and celebrate the occasion. They bring different types of fruits, sweets and gifts and home-cokked delicious foods  while visiting to their parents.

They perform puja and give gifts and fruits tio their father and in return father give blessing to their children for the good and prosperious life of their children.

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